Born in Staten Island in 1995, Somodomo (Andrew Psomas) is a Brooklyn based artist, florist, music producer, and interior designer. He is the creator of Dogman, a character whose happy eyes, unique head shape, and expressive movement light up the homes and streets of New York. 

Somo’s artistic journey began at his father’s flower shop in Staten Island, where he learned to arrange flowers and bring creative visions to life. He developed a passion for wrestling and was recruited to Columbia, where he was exposed to many different avenues of art. In his free time he began making beats, working with vocalists, and writing short stories and poetry. He earned a degree in Creative Writing, but was drawn to visual art, so he began painting. 

Somo’s writing background is evident in his use of his character, Dogman and other motifs, creating narratives and character development from canvas to canvas. Bold black outlines like a comic book with tongue in cheek references to the pop culture and the classics, the work begs questions in the same way the first chapter of a good book does. Somo dreams of creating a world where we can be happy as dogs and smart as humans. He also works as a freelance florist, working closely with Petal + Eon and Wildflowers,  specializing in floral sculptures, floral art direction, and instructional workshops. 

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